Coach Camille

"Be what you are missing to yourself"

+ About 

I believe that authenticity is your most valuable and powerful gift. As a Coach, the role I play in your life is to work alongside you to help get you to your core so that you can operate from a true authentic self. A former athlete, I possess an inherent optimistic and can-do attitude that is indicative of high performing leadership. This is balanced with an engaged approach that allows me to build trust and relationships quickly, so that together, we can get you to where you want and deserve to be.

+ Expertise

Leadership & Motivational Coaching

Coach Sebastiaan

"You do not know what you do not know"

+ Expertise

Work-life balance, Conflicts, Behavioral patterns, Health, Setting boundaries, Inner growth, Making choices, Changing lifestyle, Leadership development, Career

+ About 

Sebastiaan Hooft founded twenty companies, making him one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. He was in the Quote 500 of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs under 40. He is a popular speaker and coach for countless entrepreneurs; moreover, he travels the world as a dj.

+ His Story

I was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, until I completely crashed and lost almost everything. I picked up the pieces and found myself breaking with my old habits. I resolved never to fall into the same trap again. Based on conversations with more than five hundred entrepreneurs from all over the world and on the analysis of my own crash, I came up with a simple system to build a successful career without going under.

Sebastiaan is also the author of MOT for entrepreneurs and member of the Executive Coaching department of the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches.


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