Leave with

intent, return

with clarity

What a time to be alive. 2020 was a year of change and had a major impact on many of our lives, causing us to rethink beliefs, societal norms and habits.


There is so much power in change, you just have to make sure that the moment is leveraged well. We at Act Of Travel, have always believed in the transformative power of travel. So we paused, took some time to rethink what travel means to us today and designed a new travel experience for you,

Solo Retreats.  

The purpose of Solo Retreats is to travel with a clear intention to get better, refocus or recalibrate and return home with clarity, guided by an expert Coach. The trips will have a low environmental impact as it's close to home and will endure for two nights only, making it non-disruptive to your time.



We did what we do best at Act Of Travel and curated + selected 10 hotel properties all over The Netherlands which are suitable for your Solo Retreats. Ranging from cute city boutique properties to beautiful estate hotels amidst nature.


Scent is a powerful memory catcher and can even influence your mood. We are convinced that the Solo Retreat is an experience to remember and therefore partnered with Marie Stella Maris to capture this trip through fragrance. Before you leave, we will send you a thoughtful travel package including a room spray of your choice, a Journal to write down your thoughts and ideas as well as Self Practice cards to get to know yourself better.


Coach Camille 

Coach Sebastiaan


A key element to the Solo Retreat will be your Coach. They will help you to set realistic intentions before you leave and will be in touch virtually during your trip to keep you focused. Upon return you will evaluate your experience together with the Coach for closure. We have joined forces with some of the best Coaches we know, with years of experience and varying expertise. Click on "Meet The Coaches" and get to know them better.


Price starting at EUR 995,- 

2 night stay

Stay in an AOT curated hotel of your choice, with breakfast included.

Personal Coach

4x one-hour sessions with your personal coach. One hour before, two hours during and one hour after your Solo Retreat. 

Travel Pack

Pre-travel pack incl. Marie Stella Maris roomspray, your Journal and Self PracticeTM cards.

AOT Local Guide

Local digital guides to explore like a local.