Your starting guide to a Workation.

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

What is a Workation?

We have not invented anything new here. But in the current era where most of us are working from home or remote, a change of scenery is sometimes needed. So here comes the workation...A workation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely. The idea is that you take a vacation from the workplace, and not work itself. Apart from the COVID situation that has forced people into working from homes, workations are also becoming popular due to technological advancements - laptops, collaboration tools, teleconferencing platforms, and all kinds of gizmos that help in a productive remote work environment. Workations straddle a strange line between holiday, remote work, and sabbatical.

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#Rule 1 - Plan well ahead

If you're planning a workation, there's a lot you need to wrap up on the personal front before you leave home. Subletting your apartment, figuring your bills, someone to open your mail and what not. Make sure you tie all the loose ends before leaving for a stress-free workation.

#Rule 2 - Make more money than you spend

For a workation to be successful (and peaceful) you need to make more money on the road than you spend. While this is not too hard, you'll need to ensure this for any unpleasant surprises in a foreign country.

#Rule 3 - Stick around a place for 2 weeks atleast

Unlike a vacation where you can hop from one place to the other every 2-3 days, a workation requires some sort of stability. If you're traveling someplace new every few days, you'll be constantly drained from the travel, won't have time to settle and work, and lastly can't explore the place you're staying well enough. 2-6 weeks is ideal for workationing.

#Rule 4 - Set the ground rules from the beginning

Agree with your employer on availability, working hours and goals. If you have regular meetings, schedule them in advance and pay heed to time zones. Have a dedicated workspace at your accomodation (cafes on some days) and make sure you have a steady internet connection at all points. Do a little bit of research on ways to stay productive while working remotely in case you are not experienced with it.

#Rule 5 - Live around like-minded folks

It's important that you carry your working mood with you and while it definitely works wonders having your office folks around, it's not always possible to go on a team workation. Instead, check yourself into a co-working space on certain days of the week or a laptop friendly coffee shop so that you surround yourself with people who are in the same "work-zone" as you. This can work as a change of scene from your regular work station and maybe even improve productivity!

#Rule 6 - The right accommodation can make or break your workation

The place you stay plays a huge role in your productivity, so make sure to book a place that is suitable for working. Here's a quick checklist with essentials that you need for a conducive environment.

  • Good speed internet connection

  • A desk and chair you can sit and work at

  • A resourceful neighbourhood with a supermarket, coffee shop, restaurants and such around so that you don't have to travel far for basics.

#Rule 7 - Establish a routine from day 1

Schedule your day and establish a routine from day 1. While perfecting it might take a few days and a few trial and errors, start from the very first day. Having the same schedule will help you stay organized, plan your day better and even give you some extra hours a day to explore the city you're living in. Don’t expect to be extremely productive on day one. Give yourself time to settle in and you'll soon find a working routine that's productive and refreshing!

#Rule 8 - Eat healthy and don't forget to exercise

If you're on an extended workation, make sure to stock up on supplies and cook yourself a warm meal once in a while. Depending on your schedule, you could even indulge in cooking one meal daily. Eating food from restaurants for months together can take a toll on your health. Sometimes, a simple coffee run can lead to hours of exploring, and a well-stocked kitchen can keep you inside and on-task. Also, don't forget to go for a run, do some yoga and keep your body fit and fab. The best times to work out on your workation will be early in the morning and before bed.

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