Travel inspired wear // Bananatime

This clothing brand has so many synergies with ourselves from Act Of Travel. Originated in Amsterdam and created keeping travel as an important factor in mind.

Two friends both have lived abroad for a good part of their lives and each having over 16 years experience in brand and product management in fashion, they thought it was a perfect time to start a project together.

Travel was an important factor in their work life so making the comforts of home time became just as important. They wanted products to wear that were versatile enough to pack on a trip, something easy to relax at home, and often the result was to borrow their boyfriend’s clothes. Not being able to find this kind of product out in the market, they combined it with their love for vintage fabrics and started BANANATIME.

The name of their brand was inspired from the paper titled “Banana Time” that was written in 1959 by Donald Francis Roy. The paper describes how industrial workers made work and their work places more tolerable by having some “Banana Time” by playing games and taking short breaks with their colleagues throughout the day.

Have a look on their website and follow their instagram:

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