The Core Of Your Trip

We feel that everyone is writing about the new destinations that you should put on your list for the next decade. And yes, of course we have our own. But we find one thing far more important before you start looking into adding destinations to your bucket list and that is to start thinking deep about the core of your trips.

In this age where we all travel so abundantly we would like to give you food for thought to evaluate the reasoning behind your trips, ultimately to make them more enjoyable and worth your time.

Purpose is such an overused word in this day and age. Yet, we believe it is key in the process of deciding where to travel to. Why are you traveling to a certain destination? Is it to learn new cultures, add value to community, are you traveling to consume or to contribute? Our list of core reasons to travel continues. We strongly believe that if you have pre-defined the core of your next travel plans, your experience will be so much better.

So now on to the list where you came for:


This East African archipelago is on top of our list, Zanzibar being a beautiful island filled with culture and not to mention the stunning beaches. Spend time in Stone Town an incredible mash-up of winding alleys and old Arabic-style buildings, you can temporarily lose yourself in this town's magic. Pay a visit to the last indigenous forest left on Zanzibar to have a look at amazing looking trees and ferns. Our food list for this place is long but be sure not to miss out on the night-time food market called Forodhani. The seafood options here are the best!


Yes Japan is of course on our list. Not only because its the food Walhalla of the world, but also because of the Summer Olympics taking place in Tokyo. While you are there, be sure to head to Tokoku which is located in the northern provinces of Japan. You will not find your traditional luxury accommodations, but rather an abundance of traditional and original Japanese culture. A highlight, is the Samurai culture which is still very much alive in that region.


You have seen us going to Georgia a couple of times now and this destination remains on our list. We just so want you to experience the hospitality of the people, the rawness of the landscape and simply to be one of the first to head to this intriguing country. Beyond Tbilisi, the capital of the city is a place called Kazbegi. An amazing rural area bordering the Caucasus mountains. You will find wild horses here, amazing wines and this is the area where the most tasty Georgian dumplings come from. Looking for a couple of days to disconnect, make sure to put this one on your list.

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