AOT Edit #2 | Italy

As the summer holiday is officially over for most people, we wanted to curate a country which we can still visit over the autumn period whilst enjoying pleasant temperatures. In this AOT Edit we will be sharing our favorites in Italy.

Each AOT Edit we will be sharing the best places to stay and highlight interesting stories of local artists, galleries and stores that you should know about.

Some Italian fun facts...

Before we start sharing our favorites in Italy we figured not to give you a history lesson this time, but instead share several fun facts.

1. Italy is home to Europe’s only three active volcanoes

the last one erupted not even that long ago in 2018 and is located on the island of Sicily; Mount Etna.

2. Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world

Usually we avoid crowded places, however now that half of the world is not able to visit the country because of travel restrictions, it might just be the perfect time to head over to Italy.

3. You'll find over 1,500 lakes in Italy

Yes we all know the magical Lake Como or Lake Garda.. but there are many more lesser-known yet charming lakes.

Local Culture Makers

Derek Castiglioni

Hailing from a family of landscapers, 35-year-old, Milan-based Castiglioni, who defines himself as an outdoor space designer, has been making his own mark by combining a rigorously architectural sensibility with an indulgent sense of nostalgia. This idiosyncratic approach has endeared him with Milan’s design scene as attested by recent projects such as the rooftop restaurant of menswear label Dsquared2, a suspended garden for the Stella McCartney boutique, and the terraced garden for Dimore gallery.

Instagram: @derekcastiglioni

Edoardo Tresoldi

A strange duality exists in the work of italian sculptor edoardo tresoldi; that of the seen and the unseen. Created from wire mesh, tresoldi’s work reveals and celebrates both of these perspectives at once, and offers the viewer snatched glimpses at a world existing between the two. Originally from milan, tresoldi has been creating interventions in the public space since 2013, creating site responsive pieces for music and art festivals, group showings, and public events. Ethereal, arresting and intangibly beautiful, his sculptures offer new perspectives on form, framework, and the fragile balance of the world around us.

Instagram: @edoardotresoldiofficial

Mattia Balsamini

Moved to Los Angeles, California in 2008. Assisted still life, adv, fashion photographers for a while, carried lots of strobes and stands and cases for them. In 2010 assisted David LaChapelle at his Hollywood Studio, working both on set and in the archive. Graduated with Honorable Mention at Brooks Institute and moved back to Italy – still favorite place on Planet Earth. Educator at MeLa the rendering and interactive research department at IUAV University of Venice and teaches industrial photography at IED Istituto Europeo Design of Turin. Co-founder of Collettivo Fernweh he is collaborating with graphic designer Lucia Del Zotto and editor Gabriella De Domenico.

Instagram: @mattiabalsamini

Places to stay

We have listed some of our favorite hotels for you - get in touch to learn more about these hotel properties if interested.

Casa Iris

Nested in the five-hundred-year-old Palazzo Raveggi, Casa Iris, is found just inside the historic centre of Orbetello. They have created a playful mix of modern design and ancient beauty. Casa Iris offers luxury amenities, inviting and spacious rooms and a delicious, fresh breakfast, including local organic produce each morning.

- Check Availibility.

Dimora Delle Balze

Delle Balze is a place where the history of the architecture, surrounding nature and contemporary aesthetics captivate the mind, body and soul. An estate with a comfortable and stylish design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It's the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.

- Check Availibility.

Numeroventi Design Residency

Numeroventi’s lofts feature exhibitions and art pieces produced by artists and designers that have been a part of the residency programs that take place in the building. By staying with here, you will support the artist-in-residence program of Florence. At Numeroventi they have created a peaceful retreat from the velocity of modern day life.

- Check Availibility.

Palazzo Daniele

Resplendent with frescoes ceilings and original floors from the 19th century, the Master Suite has a 40sqm living room equipped with contemporary design furnitures, two bedrooms (35sqm each) with king-sized beds and two private bathrooms. The Master Suite showcases artworks from Palazzo Daniele contemporary art collection such as: lightbox by Simon d’Exea, lamp by Luigi Presicce, Pino Pascali’s picture taken by Claudio Abate, Eva Jospin’s wreath, Carla Accardi’s lithography, Niccolo Gandolfi’s photo, Christian Frosi’s photo and original mirrors of the 19th century. - Check Availibility.

- Check Availibility.

1477 Reichhalter

Through time, this historic house has functioned as a mill, a bakery, a sawmill, a barn, a stable, a tavern and a coffeehouse. Now with the vision of architect Zeno Bampi, it's been renovated into a tranquil escape. Designer Christina von Berg has carefully designed the interior of the house with a rustic yet elegant feel. - Check Availibility.

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