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May it be for a honeymoon on The Seychelles or a multi-city road trip to start off your new lives together, let Act Of Travel take care of all the planning and research, you make the decisions. Our goal is to make your travel seamless and filled with memorable experiences where you fully connect with each other. There are endless options to celebrate your honeymoon. We would love to hear more about your travel style and vision for this trip of a lifetime. Our job and passion is to transform your travel vision to a curated itinerary so you can focus on the big wedding day! 

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We would love to hear more about your travel vision for this trip of a lifetime. Click on the link below to complete a request form or contact us at

ACT OF TRAVEL is a contemporary travel agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands catering to the modern and creative original. We become your very own personal travel planner for your honeymoon. We are specialized in creating unique and exclusive travel itineraries. Get in touch and let one of our travel designers inspire you.

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A curated trip to Tbilisi by Act Of Travel