// collective.


A group  that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.


Be part of the AOT Collective. A curated membership-based travel community for the modern and creative original. Members of this collective are independently minded individuals  sharing similar values and attitudes. Seeing themselves as a global citizen instead of a tourist.  Seeking cutting-edge design, creative environments and a sense of belonging to which ever place they are traveling to and neighborhood  they're staying in. 

The AOT Collective membership is based on a one-year term, for travelers that seek a high standard of service, friction-less travel and that simply want to travel smarter. The membership includes:

  •  Dedicated service from a travel designer throughout the year

  • Unlimited trip planning and fully customized itinerary

  • Benefit from the Act Of Travel Perks

  • Spouse and children are included in the membership

AOT COLLECTIVE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP  EUR 4500.00 annually, EUR 375.00 monthly (exclusive of 21%VAT)

Introduce yourself by completing the membership application form to get a feeling of your travel style. The membership committee will be in touch by email personally to confirm your membership. After acceptance of the membership, we will have an onboarding call with members and any assistants to introduce you to the dedicated travel designer. 

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Our Members

Our collective consists of modern avid travelers within the creative industry including entrepeneurs, investors, artists and executives. We look for members that fit in the collective, that can contribute to our tribe and travel lives. 

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